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How do I complete a custom report request?

The attached Custom Report Request Order form document should be filled out in its entirety by the requester:
  • Client Support will review the request to ensure the Custom Report Request Order form is completed in full.
  • When all information has been obtained, Client Support will assign the ticket to a consultant.
  • The consultant will review and scope the work, coordinating with Data Modelers as needed.
  • The consultant will provide information about the scoping, possible costs, and timeframes. Additional information may need to be obtained from the client, as determined by the consultant and Data Modeler(s).
  • Be mindful that many custom reports contain PHI and should be handled accordingly.

The Custom Report Request Order form must be filled out and remitted within 2 business days.

This process was last validated on 07/23/2019.
MediQuant Custom Report Request Order.doc