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Introducing DataArk 5.0

Introducing DataArk 5.0

MediQuant’s enterprise active archive platform has a new look!

While DataArk 5.0 includes added features like Flex Reporting, Flex Documents and optional color templates, the first thing you will notice is the brand-new user interface:

We heard you.

For an improved user experience, DataArk 5.0’s updated look and feel offers a smoother transition for users viewing the DataArk interface from within their EMR, ERP or Patient Accounting applications. The optional color templates allow users to further complement the color schemes of their EMR applications; and, the new Flex Reporting and Flex Documents capabilities allow users to more easily access reports created using the data stored in DataArk.

Please refer to the release notes for complete information about DataArk 5.0.

Stay informed.

With this DataArk release, we begin a quarterly cadence for enhancements, but will continue to provide monthly service releases (i.e., bug fixes). To ensure you don’t miss future communication about DataArk and MediQuant, please visit and complete the form to sign up for updates.

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